Goverment Medical College, Aurangabad.

Medical Education Unit GMCH Aurangabad

Medical Education Unit

Chairperson- Hon. Dean Dr. Kananbala A. Yelikar M. D.

Prestigious B C Roy Awardee for excellence in Med Education.

Co ordinator- Dr Sarojini Jadhav, FAIMER 2016- Prof and Head,  Surgery

Co coordinator- Dr Anjali Shete FIME Associate professor, Physiology


Dr Sayeda Afraoz FAIMER 2018, Prof & Head  Physiology

Dr Prabha Khaire ACME, Prof and head, Pediatrics

Dr  Prabhakar Jiravankar,  Prof , Medicine

Dr Jagannath  V Dixit, Assoc Prof & Head of Dept of Community medicine

Dr Anil Gaikwad , ACME  Assoc Prof, Microbiology

Dr Rajashri Virshid, ACME Assoc Prof, Anesthesiology

Dr Vijay Kalyankar ACME, Assoc. Prof, OBGY

Dr Anita Kandi, Assoc Prof, Gen surgery

Dr. Junaid Shaikh, Assoc Prof Surgery

Dr Archana Vare, Assoc Prof, Ophthalmology


Faculty development encompasses all activities related to the induction, training and further development of faculty members so as to optimize their effectiveness as teachers, trainers and leaders in education. While most teachers in medical education accomplish the task of teaching by emulating their seniors, and by trial and error, the need for systematic faculty development Programs (FDP) is well established. Faculty development is considered an essential tool to cope with new teaching tasks and is a means for participants to build important career relationships with peers, mentors and academicians who contribute to academic advancement.

In 1997, the Medical Council of India (MCI) recommended the establishment of medical education units (MEU) in each medical college. Further, the requirement of MEU was included in the minimum standard requirements of an annual intake of 100 students in a medical college.

 The MEU  organizes FDPs, carry out research in medical education and promote continuing medical education (CME) programs besides other activities. The need to have an active MEU in the institute cannot be overstated. It can act as a unit that would sensitize the teaching staff, provide training and support for the betterment of medical education in the institute.

This would translate into better health services and increase in the prestige of the institute.

MEU in Government medical college, Aurangabad was established on 28 Sept. 2001 under guidance of Dean Dr. Solpure, The co-ordinator Dr S T khan, Prof and Head Physiology established the unit.

Activities (since 2018)

Sr No




Revised basic MET workshop with AETCOM

25th -28th September 2018


Susanwad Abhiyaan by MUHS Workshop on Communication Skills for UG students

6th October 2018


Communication skills workshop GMC Aurangabad for Post graduate students Dr Gupta

15 December 2018


Susanwad Abhiyaan by MUHS Workshop on Communication Skills for PG students

3rd January 2019


Leadership and risk management

Dr Sanjay Patole

16th February 2019


CISP sensitization workshop

29th march 2019


Clinical Meeting

4th April 2019


SLO writing & AETCOM sensitization workshop

11th April 2019


1st CISP workshop GMC Aurangabad

24th -26th April 2019


Clinical Meeting

7th June 2019


Orientation of New Timetable to all Staff of GMC

June 2019


2nd CISP workshop GMC Aurangabad

7th and 8th October 2020


Clinical meetings organized by MEU , conducted by Dr Prabha Khaire , member , MEU, prof and Head, Pediatrics

Every first Friday of each month till February 2020


Induction of newly joined residents

July 2010


Webinar on COVID-19 management

August 2020