Radiation oncology Department is providing the facilities to cancer patients with help of Teletherapy, Brachytherapy and Chemotherapy. Radiotherapy plays a very important role in the cure of early stage cancer and in relieving sign and symptoms and possibly prolonging life for patients with advanced stage cancers. Almost 2/3rd of all cancer patients require radiation therapy as the only treatment modality or in combination with surgery or Chemotherapy We as a department always strive for optimal radiotherapy and wide range of patient care/ services, With our motto being efficient delivery of radiation treatment. We have facility of STATE OF ART/HIGH END Teletherapy machines with High energy Liner accelerator of Elekta synergy with latest treatment facilities like IMRT,IGRT, VMAT. We also have Mould Room facility for Patients by making mould of desired part of the body and immobilizing the body structures which is very important while treating the patients with Radiotherapy. We also have CT simulation machine which is STATE OF ART technology in treating patient of Radiotherapy with optimal Precision. The TPS is used for both High Dose Rate (HDR) and Low Dose Rate (LDR) Brachytherapy Planning.


Name Post Qualification
Dr.Shewalkar B.K. Professor & Head Of Department M.D.(Radiotherapy) & DNB
Dr. Jitendra. Patel Associate Professor M.D.Radiotherapy
Dr. Tejal.Vadhan Associate Professor M.D.Radiotherapy
Dr.Veenu Agarwal Associate Professor M.D.Radiotherapy
Dr.Punita.Pant Associate Professor M.D.Radiotherapy
Dr.Amitabh Associate Professor M.D.Radiotherapy

List of Equipments:

Sr. No Radiotherapy Equipments Name
A Cobalt 60 (Theratron Phoenix)
B Linear Accelerator (Elekta Synergy)
C HDR Brachytherapy (Neucletron)
D CT Simulator (Siemens Somatom)
E Radiotherapy Planning System (XIO, ONCENTRA,MONACO)
F Radiotherapy Operating System (MOSAIQ,Microselectron)
G Mould Room Accessories Patient Immobilization
Entire Set

Technical Staff:

Sr. No Name Radiotherapy Equipments Name Quantity
1. Mr. Ahmed Yamani Medical Physicist D.R.P.
2. Mr. V. Shanmugam Medical Physicist M.Sc. Medical Physics
3. Mr. Ramesh Guttu Medical Physicist D.R.P.
4. Ms. Krishna Medical Physicist M.Sc. Medical Physics
5. Mr. Devidas K. Kate Physicist Technician Diploma in Radiotherapy
6. Mr. Popat Dherange Radiotherapy Technician P.G. Advance Diploma in Radiotherapy Technology
7 Mr. Ajay Reddy Radiotherapy Technician Diploma in Medical Radiotherapy
8 Mr. Pravin Reddy Radiotherapy Technician Diploma in Medical Radiotherapy
9 Mr. Umaji Kumbhar Radiotherapy Technician P.G. Advance Diploma in Radiotherapy Technology


Type Requirement
ILRT/&ICRT / Interestial HDR Brachytherpy
Ext Beam RT Conventional Liner Accalerater
Patient Imotrilisation System Mould Room Accessores